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            TRANSFER FAIR SPRING 福利彩票app下载安装
            FULTON CAMPUS

            THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 福利彩票app下载安装
            10 am – 12:30 pm

            STUDENTS – Meet representatives of colleges and universities in and out of New York State, ask questions and find out more about their offerings and services.

            This event is FREE to both the public and college representatives to attend.

            FULTON CAMPUS
            11 River Glen Drive
            Fulton, NY 13069

            Bellevue University

            Website: Representative: Richard Goodell

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (315) 498-2685E-mail: richard.goodell@bellevue.edu

            Cazenovia College

            Website: Representative: Suzanne L. Odell

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (315) 655-7338E-mail: slodell@cazenovia.edu

            Elmira College

            Website: Representative: Leslie Daloia

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (607) 735-1724E-mail: jwhite@elmira.edu

            Excelsior College

            Website: Representative: Mary Sayer

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (518) 608-8321E-mail: klourinia@excelsior.edu

            Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY

            Website: Representative: Virgie Fields-ingram

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (212) 217-3760E-mail: lauren_pacelli@fitnyc.edu

            Keuka College

            Website: Representative: Theresa Gage

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (315) 694-8151E-mail: tgage@keuka.edu

            Le Moyne College

            Website: Representative: Cathleen Anderson

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (315) 445-4300E-mail: anderscr@lemoyne.edu


            Website: Representative: Kristy Happ

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (716) 803-4124E-mail: kdh93@medaille.edu

            Nazareth College

            Website: Representative: Ann Knaak

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (585) 672-9833E-mail: aknaak9@naz.edu

            Niagara University

            Website: Representative: Daniel Konopski

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (716) 534-5647E-mail: dmkonopski@niagara.edu

            Roberts Wesleyan College

            Website: Representative: Giselle Degre

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (585) 594-6040E-mail: degre_giselle@roberts.edu

            St. Bonaventure University

            Website: Representative: Andrew Wyatt

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (716) 790-3078E-mail: awyatt@sbu.edu

            St. John Fisher College

            Website: Representative: Hannah Ramsey

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (585) 385-8064E-mail: hramsey@sjfc.edu

            SUNY Canton

            Website: Representative: Ms. Stevie Burley

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (315) 368-7123E-mail: burleys@canton.edu

            SUNY Delhi

            Website: Representative: Misty Fields

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (607) 746-4546E-mail: fieldsmr@delhi.edu

            SUNY Geneseo

            Website: Representative: Madelyn Rossi

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (585) 245-5571E-mail: mrossi@geneseo.edu

            SUNY Morrisville

            Website: Representative: Kaylynn Iglesias

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (315) 684-6046E-mail: iglesike@morrisville.edu

            SUNY New Paltz

            Website: Representative: James Salvage

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (845) 257-3202E-mail: rinschld@newpaltz.edu

            SUNY Oswego

            Website: Representative: Craig Green

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (315) 312-2250E-mail: craig.green@oswego.edu

            SUNY Polytechnic Institute

            Website: Representative: Jaime Sangiacomo-jackson

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (315) 792-7208E-mail: admissions@sunypoly.edu

            SUNY Potsdam

            Website: Representative: Karen Ahlfeld

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (315) 267-2180E-mail: ahlfelka@potsdam.edu

            SUNY Upstate Medical University

            Website: Representative: Maggie Moore

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (315) 464-4570E-mail: admiss@upstate.edu


            Website: Representative: Eric Viskupic

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (315) 470-6605E-mail: eviskupic@esf.edu

            Syracuse University

            Website: Representative: Scott Taylor

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (315) 443-2974E-mail: jstayl02@syr.edu

            Syracuse University (Part-Time)

            Website: Representative: Nichole Henry

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (315) 443-2894E-mail: nkhenry@syr.edu

            Utica College

            Website: Representative: Alexis Cooper

            福利彩票app下载安装Phone: (315) 792-3233E-mail: agcooper@utica.edu