Spartan Scholar: Maura Botsford

Fulton Campus Student Government President Maura Botsford discusses the best part about attending Cayuga and how Student Government has increased student engagement over the past year.

High School: G. Ray Bodley High School (Fulton)

Fulton Campus Student Government President Maura Botsford is hoping to transfer to Georgetown University after she graduates from Cayuga in the spring.

Major: Criminal Justice: Police

Career Goal: Attorney

Favorite Class: Constitutional Law

What about Cayuga made you decide to attend the College?

Because Cayuga is a smaller college, there’s a strong sense of community. I felt like advisors and faculty will be more attentive to helping me reach my goals and be successful with my education. I came to an open house and attended some college fairs when I was in high school, and I got a sense of the campus. I talked to some friends who attended here, and I heard them discuss the environment too.

What’s the best part about Cayuga and being a Criminal Justice major?

Definitely the faculty. The outside experience they had before they were professors is incredible. There’s textbooks in the curriculum, but having the faculty’s perspective and experience is really helpful with understanding how things operate in criminal justice rather than memorizing how things should be.

You’ve also been very active on campus in Student Government. Why did you decide to get involved with Student Government?

Last spring, one of my friends said she was going to run for student government, and I didn’t know there was one. That seemed like a major problem to me. My biggest goal was to boost engagement and let them know there are opportunities on campus for them to be involved. We’re a commuter campus, but we wanted to build chances for people to make friends and be involved. So we’ve been doing lots of events in the foyer and Student Center. We’re trying to get students more engaged.

What are your plans after commencement? Are you looking to continue your education, or start your career?

My major school to transfer to is Georgetown University. The location was a big factor — in Washington, D.C., there are many internship opportunities. I’ve been working for three months on the application. I want to transfer for political science, and after I earn my bachelor’s degree I’m going to apply to their law school.